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Anchor Line-Double Braided Nylon

Structure: 24 strands Braid on Braid means core and cover both are NYLON material, this structure has maximum durability, stretchability,

Anchor Line-Double Braided MFP


Anchor Line-Twisted Nylon

3/8 inch x 100 ft twisted nylon anchor/rigging line with stainless steel thimble black with reflective tr
1/2 inch x 50 ft twisted nylon anchor/rigging line with stainless steel thimble navy blue
Material: Nylon, twisted 3 strands Size: 3/8”X100’ Color: Black with reflective color BREAKING STRENGTH: 2200 LBS Weight: 1.59 kgs/3.5 LBS Dimension: 15x15x19 Cm Structure: 3 strand twisted rope. Professional spliced: There is stainless steel 316 thimble splicing in one end.
  • Excellent breaking strength about 2200LBS, Nylon ropes built by coiling together of 3 separate strands of high-quality Nylon which is resulted in a sturdy and balanced rope resistant to kinking, snarling and distortion
  • Nylon material is flexible, with a slight stretch to provide extra shock absorption under heavy load exertion.
  • Black with reflective tracer will be safer and better during darkness to identify
  • Better tensile strength and very good knot retention ensure our ropes will remain tight and secure on boats even in choppy weather.
  • Our heavy duty twisted Nylon anchor line designed for any suitable size boat, compatible with wide range of anchor rode set up, mooring set up or may be for any other configuration.
  • Our anchor line rope is equipped with 316 stainless steel Thimble for convenient looping and tying off to anchor, shackle, dock etc
  • Nylon material is smooth and having long life span, incredibly resistant to all elements anchor line will face including extreme bad weather conditions, abrasion, UV/sunlight degradation, moisture and chemicals. Strength, flexibility or structure integrity will not be affected by submersion in water.
  • Well maintained 3 strand Nylon dock line, anchor line rope life span is much longer than natural ropes like cotton, Manila and many more.
  • Made in China