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macrame cords

Cotton macrame cords – Bulk Orders

Use this macrame cords for a variety of projects such as wall hangings, plant hangers, and even modern wedding decorations.

This product can be used for variety of projects like creating and hanging around your home is a fun and affordable way to add a bohemian accent to your walls, balcony and window spaces.  This is the best macrame cords for a beginner artist - soft, single strand cotton is the ideal for those new to macrame. It’s really easy to work with because it’s easy to manipulate if you make a mistake. This is excellent to practice mindfulness through our own creativity. They are 100% natural cotton, it’s a single strand twisted cotton, it’s incredibly soft to the touch, and it’s perfect for creating long beautiful fringes on macramé décor because you don’t have to unravel the cotton cord.We can provide single strand, 3 strand, 4 strand in various sizes like and length as per your requirements.