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Polyester Diamond Braided – NB

Nova braids carefully constructed high tenacity polyester (HTP) parallel core with a Diamond Braid polyester cover is the ideal rope for dinghy towing. Core and cover balance ensure a strong, low stretch and easy to handle line. Dinghy Braid is also ideal for control lines on dinghies and small keel boats. Colors are made of Firebrite 2000 polyester and are available in red, green, blue and white. Nova braid Dinghy Braid can be easily identified by a single green tracer in the cover
RLS Polyester Double Braided

RLS Polyester Double Braided – Rigby

RIGBY RLS - Radial Low Stretch polyester is the finest yacht braid available.  Starting with 100% High Tenacity Polyester, RIGBY RLS is manufactured with a 5-stage pre-stretching process.  Durable, flexible, easy to splice, and exceeds Cordage Institute standards for strength.  Available in the widest size and color range on the market.  Manufactured in North America by Rigby Technologies.

Polyester Double Braided Rope – Nova Braid

Nova braid XLE Performer is a high performance, super strong, super low elongation polyester double braid. XLE is Nova braid’s top of the line performance sailing rope for cruising or racing. This high tenacity polyester fiber rope is easy to handle and easy to splice while offering maximum abrasion resistance. Made of the highest quality 100% polyester yarns with marine finish on both cover and core for long-lasting performance. A balanced cover to core construction ensures XLE will remain easy to handle and splice.
Polyester Double Braided

Polyester Double Braided – AB

AB-Double Polyester™ is manufactured from a 100% high tenacity polyester fiber braided cover over a braided core. This product provides the best combination of high strength, low elongation and abrasion resistance of any polyester rope available today.

Polypropylene Double Braid Nova Braid

100% multi filament, UV stabilized polypropylene braid with a parallel strand core. Its heavy sleeve construction and excellent core to

High Tenacity Polyester Rope

A meaty gym rope that is easy to grab and handle. Designed for heavy industrial use and adventure course applications.
Bungee Dock Line

Bungee Dock Line

  • Our Bungee dock line rope is eliminating the jerking and tugging on your docked boat which might be caused by NON-BUNGEE dock lines
  • The bungee cord is hidden inside the rope and acts as a built-in snubber and has a higher stretch and shock absorbency compared to other docking rope
  • It has a loop and slider at each end for quick docking with easy attachment
  • Docking line can load up to 2200LBS or 1000 kilograms which can be suitable for more boats
  • It has a protective FOAM which can be float and prevents your boat from being chafed when quick docking
  • 6 feet can able to stretch up to 9 feet
  • Our bungee cord dock line rope have a more durability as a bungee cord is hidden inside and POLYETHYLENE braided rope outside
  • Bungee dock line is economical compared to ordinary dock line as it eliminates to spend cost for dock line snubber
Widely used for Rubber boat, Kayak boat, Jet skis, Pontoon Canoe and power boat
cotton 1 strand macrame cord


This 100% natural cotton single strand macramé cord includes 1 x 100 meter long (109 Yards/328 feet) or 200 meters or 218 yards or 656 feet Macramé cord. • This product can be used for verities of project like Creating and hanging macramé around your home is a fun and affordable way to add a bohemian accent to your walls, balcony and window spaces. Use this macramé cord for a variety of macramé projects such as wall hangings, plant hangers, and even modern wedding decorations. • This is the best cord for beginner Artist as Soft, single strand cotton is the ideal cotton macramé cord for those new to macramé. It’s really easy to work with because it’s easy to manipulate if you make a mistake. • This is excellent for practice mindfulness through our own creativity. Crafting and making macramé pieces is the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life. Creating macramé is a soothing and comforting method of relaxation. • Our macramé cord is 100% natural cotton, it’s a single strand twisted cotton, it’s incredibly soft to the touch, and it’s perfect for creating long beautiful fringes on macramé décor because you don’t have to unravel the cotton cord.
PWC Dock Line PP

PWC Dock Line PP

A braided Polypropylene exterior with 100mm elastic core which absorbs shock to PWC, small boats, cleats and docks. Tensile Strength: 2200lbs, suitable for all motorized and non-motorized PWC as well as small boats up to 4000lbs. Salt water and fresh water uses, protective foam float.
Cotton 3 Strand Macrame cord


EMPIRE ROPES Macramé Cord 3mm 3 PLY, 200 meters OR 218 YARDS (656 FEET) 100% Cotton Macramé cord, Natural Color, Soft 3 ply Cotton Macramé Cord, un bleached, undyed, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, whether you are crafting or arranging contraption for camping important survival needs, making home life elements such Macramé cord is the best twine for uses. It is very light weight and durable. 100 meters to 200 meters of cord is enough for making most of the home elements and all decorative items. The cotton cord is soft to the touch to protect the hands, smooth, sturdy, easy to work with it. Natural color does not affect your eyes. • Wall Hanging and knitting • Making photo frames, kitchen decorative items • DIY Craft Making • dream catchers, Bohemian wedding • decorative house hold items MACRAME CORD SIZE: 3MM X 3 STRAND X 200 FEET and 3mmx3plyx100meter or 328 feet PRODUCT DIMENSIONS:10CM X10CM X17CM PRODUCT WEIGHT: 565gms + or - 10gms
Double braid dock line - NYLON

Double braid dock line – NYLON

This is the strongest and easiest to handle line you can buy that stays flexible through its service life. The cover and core bothare constructed from the highest quality treated Nylon fiber. This quality of double braided offers-controlled elongation andexcellent abrasion resistance.Double braid stretches slightly less but are stronger than three strands.Professionally spliced 12” eye.
Double braid dock line - Polypropylene

Double braid dock line – Polypropylene

EMPIRE ROPES Double Braided Dock line Marine Rope for Boating made of 100% polypropylene MFP Our EMPIRE ROPES Double Braided