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Winch strap

 Use and maintenance 1.In selecting and using tie down straps, consideration shall be given to the required lashing capacity, taking into account the mode of use and the nature of the load to be secured. 2.Check the tension force periodically, especially shortly after starting the journey.3.Release of the tie down straps: Care should be taken to ensure that the stability of the load is independent of the lashing equipment and that the release of the tie down straps shall not cause the load to fall off the vehicle, thus endangering the personnel. 4.Because of different behavior and elongation under load conditions, different lashing equipment (e.g. lashing chain and tie down strap) shall not be used to lash the same load. Consideration shall also be given to ancillary fittings (component) and lashing devices in the load restraint assembly are compatible with the tie down straps.5.Before attempting to unload a unit of load its tie down straps shall be released so that it can belifted freely from the load platform. During loading and unloading attention has to be paid toproximity of any low overhead power lines. Care should be taken that the tie down straps is not damaged by the sharp edges of the load on which they are used. A visual inspection before and after each use is recommended. Tie down straps shall never be used when knotted. Damage to labels shall be prevented by keeping them away from sharp edges of the load and, if possible, from the load.